Monday, 8 June 2009

Sketches from Krakow, Poland

Wawel Castle, November 2004

Self Portrait (cold), November 2004

Walking In Castle Grounds, November 2004

Man in Jewish Restaurant, November 2004

Angel in Krakow, November 2004

Thursday, 4 June 2009

sketches from Barcelona

Neil Young

In the spanish evening
A lot of people were watching
You fumbled across the stage
Found your place
Not wanting to disappoint
You played the ones we knew
Buzzing around
Like a friendly bee
You seemed old
Like a tree
There you were
In your lumberjack shirt
Chasing honey
Chopping wood
You stopped once to play a song
Then went back to work
People said you were rad
I've seen better wood choppers
But you weren't bad


Here I slept
Between crumbling bricks, noisy birds and giant bees
In your shade
Standing like a God
Branches tangled with the sky
Feelings unsettle me
As gargoyles find peace

Give Me A Whiskey

Doors swing open
Give me a whiskey
As another Clint Eastwood
Enters the metro

Outside iron bars

To Gaudi's fucked-up Cathedral
Half waffle, half dough
Left too long in the oven

Overdosing on sunlight and apples
So many small, well behaved dogs
Taking their time to decide
Keeping everything so discreet

Turquoise Ambulancia

Turquiose Ambulancia
Sitting like
A Turquiose Duck
Wheels inflated
Eyes flashing

While the onlooker
Feels for crumbs
Furtively fingers
Carrier bags

Eyes wide
Jaws ablaze
Violently munching
Spanish Squirrel

Secretly munching
He keeps it hidden
Incase of pigeons

Placa De Bonet I MUIXI, May 2009

Pigeon in Parc De La Ciutadella, June 2009

Parc De La Ciutadella, June 2009

Bogatell Beach, June 2009

Stuart on Bogatell Beach, June 2009

People in shadows at Parc Guell, June 2009

sketches from Berlin & London

Westgermany club, Berlin, April 2009

Spanish Cafe, London, April 2009

sketches from late last year

Tiger Socks, sometime 2008

Fuel Cafe, sometime 2008

Anni Rossi, October 2008

Sic Alps, October 2008

Woman on Bus, Autumn 2008