Sunday, 31 January 2010

Today's Snowman

Walking Poems

walk through salford

frosted sunlight cobweb shimmering windowpain in dog ear d dirty buddy-holly squalor. beautiful window pane frame glass & manic mounted cds wild & sun tickled feels scribbly new-born in the shakingfeet, rolling, rolling hands reaching from their grubby roots & changing record side. who drew moustache on the back? Who wrote original coral record fucked? Has Alan Jones 10 Deanshirt Road ever been to a rave? Is this all i can think as the wavey filthy spidery windowsunstreetplace does its best to look its best in her nicest pink & laugh out loud silly frown

walk in peel park

rain radio drips on roof drizzly commercial cars blueredgrey pindrops drill working sawand dentist swishswash engine red van moaning windscreen wiper moving engine growling rain plops it drops on raincoat and paper car bibs playing bad dance music man with goatee asksdirections high whirrring trafficchhssessss growling tigers crashingmetal van splashing puddle-people moving sounds mornin cars and roads & sounds of waves and hissing hissing splashing hissing moan and grumble hungry heavy patter of baby deer & bald men & men with phones & angryengines with speed&moving wheels aliens landing chirpin birds chatterin birds & dripsdrops greyslab litter & silent drops & cutting grass squarking blackbird tortured animals & wild children slippy slopes squidgy feet on wet grass whistles & percussive gardens refugees in trees & germany noisy bloody birds talking nonsense yawning me kicking bin warriors tanks & lawnmowers dead grass and violent faces of walkers kicking balls & nativeswithsticks & foreign accents pink-van-puddle-splash-not-being-abstract-tapping pots and pans squeeking boys & dogs smiling & breathing heavy feet crunching munching twiglets & dogs like steamtrains & people like dogs rattle snake birds laws & signs & chases like cagny & lacy waterfalls in the lake district getting wet and imagining fairies ears hearing splash boats are sticks and rivers are streams

another walk in peel park

tender paving water drips with babies sleeping cats & songs of sleep & dreaming & needing the toilet by the sea &waves &jungles &
civil service depos & echoing barks of shambolic dogs they hav no rhythm blind dogs blues songs chopping grass men & treackle toffee
pudding smell of cutgrass & hospitalwomen & menpissing speakers walkytalkies springy legs goalies & keepyuppies safaris wellies hats riffles machine gun fire duck duckpond & crab fishing for logs

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Rebound Diary Project

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day
I fed you
Your favourite tin of tuna
Your tail was twitching with delight
I could tell by your purring
It was love at first bite

Today's Snowman

Friday, 8 January 2010

Rebound Diary Project

Today's Snowman

I've been photographing lots of snowmen since the snow started falling a few days ago. I have too many to post in one go so I've decided to post a new one each day. Here is today's:

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Rebound Diary Project

My favourite Places

My favourite place
is the window ledge
in the midday sun
its nice and warm
and lots of fun

My favourite place
is under the sofa
when I'm feeling sleepy
I get nice and toasty
I can sit there for hours
by the bottom of the radiator

My favourite place
is on top of the records
i get really hyper
when i chew at the corners
I especially like 7 inches

My favourite place
is the back of the telly
i bite at the wires
and sometimes the shocks
make my legs feel like jelly

My favoutite place
is on Andrew's shoulders
I go up there
I'm feeling much bolder
but i get really scared
when he stands up

My favourite place
after a meal
is the sandpit
though I only like going there
in private


Emptying the cat litter
is like digging for treasure
except the prizes aren't the sort
you want to remember


I gave my cat supermeat
now she's hanging from the ceiling
her big brown eyes
staring down at me

I checked the tin and it said
no noticeable side-effects
so I got out my step ladders
and took her to the vets

He tested her breathing and her heart rate
it seemed there was nothing really wrong
except she kept walking backwards
and she was unnaturally strong

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Rebound Diary Project


You're not the kind of cat
to travel in a basket
you can make do
with a blanket
because you want to see
all the speeding traffic
even though it scares you
just a little bit

I'd go as far as saying
you're hedonistic
you're always out looking
for the next hit
if its not Whiskers
then its kitten biscuits
there's nothing you won't try
except turkey, chicken or rabbit

Christmas Break

Where have you been
on your Christmas break?
did you find a shoulder
or perhaps a nice warm lap?
did they sing you any Christmas songs?

It didn't take you long
to find your way back
to my shoulder cliff top
still just skin and bones
despite the mince pies

Your face is round
your whiskers are shorter on one side
and your coat is black
and velvety

Your engine starts to hum
now you've found your favourite spot
in the shoulder top sun

Your eyes still reveal
a little kitten glow
that no Christmas
could steal

Pretty soon winter will be over
and you'll have to deal with
all that serious cat stuff