Thursday, 22 October 2009

Berlin Geräusche


tractor glockenspiele la di da ghostly moans tip toe swimming baths & three blind mice eeek eek on a steam train owowowoow munch papa

cobwebs speaking fountain whistle err err errshshshhshshshhsbrrrr raraargh elv little marbles pouring from fountain & train sneezes propeller doors growl explosive nose middle class gentle chatter
boy spins
more engine rumbles
und taxi ok ja
balk like telephones
feet shuffling urhrhrdrip


How the mighty fell

Ich bin snake slither round babytoes nein akkkah uh bad train jazz trumpeter da dit da dum di do do do da doo olodadurdur dur dur dur da
clitter clattercoins gruffvoice silent bite low murmur or er o r er or
::heavy metal low on ears
taps finger-book earthquakes
shudder takes form cutwood
water spray or er or er mansaw
mowlawn brush the crumbs
sshsh spin spin or zzzzzzzz hahahhahahrurrlz green shoes tap foot tap or er or er or cough
rusty joints rumble
if your brother grrrrrrar
faintly treptower park sinzor er or rattle wittenburg rattle
how the mighty fell


Jelly trains

German heavy breathing cobbled stones folk song in a forest green raincoat as we chug along rats & trains reluctant to bicycle sandwich rapper siren rattlenake devin dun in ballet shoes monster unn ehhum ehhum um err unehm tweet tw rusty brakes waves ////cars/// sing a song behappy
delicate feet
whistle tourists
sie neopunk
jelly trains
da da da



zuruck klein bitte fridge bell auf sweet ghosts on tracks cough hollow hospital einsteigen bitte zurukklein bitte urrrr urrr shshshsh bells whisper hhhhhhh revolving wheels sleepy german nachmin strasse einsteigen bitte rrrrruckkleinbittle eeeeee barbar uber stegrek chubchchch crarrrrrrrrrem buschregbite shhh roars closed rrarr tiptap problem kl mumble mumble do dido di do di hallo tmrwm sa hhahaha handclap shding subway feet foot dance ja scratchy nose hair ?.. hhaha raraKKeinsteigen bitte zuruk klein bitte radio voice bar bar di da saxophone uber gra gra man sshshsh gas release einsteigen bitte zuruck klein bitte spanish guitar do do saxophone train flamenco chatter do for me nagos di quando la quando de de de aoooooh aooh la quando ohoh obo bo announcement danke danke oooshsh zugnach ando ando bitte kleinbitte plastic wrapper pink ba ba uber carrier bag squash zugnach rathaus einsteigen bitte zuruck klein bitte accordian brrrr dodo uber dan ho nein


Shhhhhhh Bahn

shshshsh spiders walk haha kuh kuh! weiss boll lips squeek da da! -----einstweig cough cough gas einsteigen bitte foot zuruck klein bitte cough bar bar uber drei newspaper folds hands on carrier
einsteigen bitte
foottap clipclopclipclop huh einsteigen bitte shshsh
crumpled paper zugnach
einsteig zuruck klein dardar
einsteig aa electrical buzz
jingle change darem darem
kuh kuh shtt zip brush hair
dead fly brah brah

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Under your chin
like an ocean
waves of warm air
roaring through your nose
splash against my cheek
no seaweed
just tangled hair
sleeping on tiptoes
lost in fog
as crabs crawled across your feet
and salty air
washed them clean

Kop Flop

Caught in a stream
of sweat & scouse men
Past the hot dog stand
the programme stall
& the anyspareticket man
Ever nearer ever nearer
to their Jerusalem

Caught in a rush
we blindly follow
Careful to avoid
horse manure and mush
Our bodies squashed
our toes numb
We're given a friendly push
through the turnstiles

And we pour out
onto those sacred steps
Like tiny crustaceans
on the seabed
All at once
our dreams and fears are lost
Engulfed by the swell
of the great red jellyfish
With scarfs aloft
in the murmur and the din
faces fixed, expressionless
our bodies flop

Pink Cloud

I dripdrop dripdrop
further into
some weird place
where heads are surrounded
by pink cloud
that dripdrop dripdrop
with surreal condensation
taking me further into
that weird place
where my black and white cat
maintains his sanity
and i find myself
freaking out in pink cloud
nothing to hold on to
except my black and white cats'
comparative sanity
and the hope that he can find his way out
before i'm consumed
by pink clouds of doubt