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Hospital Talk

its competitive
the NHS
and everyone says
its in such a mess
filing away the deceased
think I'd rather be a priest
there's no where left for them to go
so the library has closed
we can't even send the post
fighting over the next
window envelope
its enough to drive you insane
the way some people like to complain

Today's Snowman

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Today's Snowman

Soup (without the foam)

Its another one of those vegetable soups
You know,
The one's you eat for speed
They're pretty cheap
With peas
Its kind of like
A wash & go

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Today's Snowman

New Arrangements

After spending 5 minutes
Finding new arrangements
For my coffee cup
And bowl of soup
I finally settle on one
Which allows easy access
To my food

Being A Bat

I'm not brave enough to be a bat
I'm too delicate to be dangling
In the dark and damp

I couldn't survive
On a diet of blood
I'm more into tea and crumpets
Than gruesome bloodfests
More King of Afternoon Naps
Than Prince of Darkness

I'll never be a killer
I don't like to miss my dinner

House Smells of Nan

house smells of Nan

kitchen smells of:
boiled sprouts
bruised legs
and passageway to green grass

garden smells of:
bruised legs
not so green grass
and guilt at squashed veg.

over the road smells of:
pylons and the unknown

front gate smells of:
the promise of
tea and cakes

the backroom smells of:
fried bread and eggs
secret bags of unwanted leftovers
after dinner cakes
and stories of boats and swimming medals

corridor smells of:
and big black swirly telephones

living room smells of:
Grandad's shoes
jam on crackers
china tea cups
and spoilt American cousins
in glass cabinets

Grandad smells of:
and good directions
the scent of glistening white hair
and decades of care

upstairs smells of:
fresh toilets
boiled sprouts
and too much soap

the small room smells of:
months of neglect
super duvets
and tired legs
clean linen
warm cacoons
and sleepy heads

Monday, 1 February 2010